More Praise for Stop Guessing


Jim Fallon, Technology Executive and Entrepreneur

"Throughout history science has continued to reveal the human mind is more capable than previously imagined. In this highly approachable work Nat Greene pushes this frontier by giving us direct access to powerful problem solving intelligence based on adopting a set of defined behaviors. Everyone who reads this book will find themselves empowered, living with a greater sense of ease, and amazed."

Mark Anderegg, CEO, LittleSprouts

"Rarely do books fundamentally change the way one looks at life’s headaches, but this straightforward guide empowers us with simple steps to avoid the pitfalls most encounter when struggling with a persistent challenge. Problems ranging from the enormous to the mildly annoying can be solved when employing Mr. Greene’s techniques. There is nothing inherently complicated about his approach; it simply requires discipline and the willingness to resist shortcuts. I find myself newly-encouraged to tackle the problems that have been riddling my life for far too long!" 


Bernard Rzepka, CEO, Leading Industrial Firm

"Stop Guessing is refreshing. It's not another method or guide. It contains a practical and pragmatic approach that helps you get to the root of a complex problem and solve it for good--in any business.

If you love endless meetings, excuses, doing your 'best,' or simply want to cement your status quo: buy another book. If you want to solve complex problems, buy this one."

Dave Burns, VP SUpply Chain, Nestle Waters North America

Stop Guessing is a pragmatic and quick read providing valuable techniques for problem solving at all levels. What I found particularly valuable was the focus on universal behaviors common with great problem solving.”



"I’d recommend this book to anyone involved in industrial problem solving. Nat exposes the low efficiencies of the common structured root cause analysis techniques and provides a prescription to get to the answer with logical thinking and rigorous data analysis. This is an approach that should help readers get to the right answer quickly and with much less wasted effort."

Mat Varghese, Product Manager, Google

"I've always thought of myself as an excellent problem-solver. However, Stop Guessing helped me to clearly recognize the behaviors I'm not using when problem-solving, why they help, and how to apply them to problems in my work and personal life."


Nick Gee, Director, Leading Global Bank

"I see the challenges described in Stop Guessing all the time, at every level of business. Intuition and experience all too often trump fact-based decisions; and organisational issues frequently mean that problems don’t get solved at all. Critical problem solving is relevant at all ages--so much so that it's a no-brainer to teach the these behaviors at school: if people learned this skill at a young age, they’d be much more likely to find themselves succeeding where they currently struggle."

Clay Hood, VP Supply Chain, North Atlantic Consumer Products Co.

"Through sharing his vast experiences and masterful story telling, Nat
Greene clearly shines a light on why so many problem solving efforts fail:
the right behaviors are not in place.  Stop Guessing provides a structured
view of the nine critical behaviors needed to solve problems once and for
all.  Each chapter is clear, concise and action oriented.  I highly
recommend Stop Guessing for those charged with improving processes and
solving problems--it is an essential Leader's guide!!"


Diana Chapman, CoAuthor, The Fifteen Commitments of Conscious Leadership

"I am so in awe of how Nat's mind works to create solutions to really challenging issues. I am so glad he took the time to share what he knows with us through Stop Guessing."

Patrick Sweeney, Adventurer and Three-Time CEO

"In the world of high risk adventure guessing can lead to fatal outcomes. Greene's framework works as well in extreme environments as it does in the office--it's an essential arrow to have in your quiver whether you are battling weather in the Himalayas or hostile takeovers in the boardroom."



"Clear and concise. Nat Greene has provided expert insights from his consulting practice into how to solve daily problems--his 'how-to' bible is a must read for busy executives who need to stop guessing!"

Dan Rosenthal, Radiologist, Massachusetts General Hospital

"Vigorous, optimistic, and approachable. Nat shows us a robust approach that can empower people to take a confident, active role in solving problems. Readers who master this approach will save time and money, and improve their self-esteem."



"Nat Greene offers a different way to understand your really hard problems and find simple, actionable solutions that work. I gleaned many insights from Stop Guessing and heartily recommend it!"

Prof. Sanjay Sarma, MIT Mechanical Engineering

"This is a charming little book that crisply captures the discipline necessary for efficient problem solving. Reading it reminded me of bad habits I had developed myself. I recommend it to every engineer (and married person or parent!)."


Greg Smith, EVP Supply Chain US, WalMart Stores Inc.

"Having known Nat for 15 years, I know he possesses a deep passion for solving problems--especially those more difficult and previously unsolved. In Stop Guessing he addresses the worthy cause and power of leveraging our human capital and capability to convert from firefighting to proactive and permanent solutions by leveraging people's potential as problem solvers. He effectively addresses the inhibitors and realities needed to address mindsets to own and embrace the solution. He embraces the art of the possible."

Prof. Malcolm McCulloch, Sustainable Energy and Transport, Oxford University

“Stop Guessing presents a way of tackling hard problems. It is not a recipe book--rather it identifies a set of behaviors that are essential to be successful at cracking those problems that do not readily submit to guessing a viable solution. No, you will not work miracles--but some might think that you do! This book is now on my reading list for all my students, as it will enable them to be more effective in their future careers.”


Gregg Tanner, CEO, Dean Foods

"It was an easy read with not only tools and help on solving hard problems, but the psychology and behaviors that sometimes stand in our way. It reinforced my confidence that problems which seemed impossible to solve are actually solvable.

I also know it works within the multiple companies that I have had the privilege to lead."